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Program: The assessment of the risk of infection by aerosol bound viruses and the effects of lowering the risk by increasing ODA, followed by the correct application of UV-C if the ODA cannot be supplied in sufficient quantity.

Program Agenda:
1) Simplified assessment of the risk of infection by aerosol bound viruses in ventilated rooms
2) The effects of lowering the relative risk by increasing the room ventilation
3) How to apply UV-C SterilVentilation if there is insufficient ventilation


Chris Lawrence

Biographical Information:

Predominantly focused on the market development of low energy hydronic solutions including Decentralized ventilation, low energy fan coils, chilled beams, radiant panels, sails and UVC recirculation for COVID disinfection, Chris is based out of Athens, Georgia, where is lives with his wife, daughter & son.

He graduated with a degree in Mechanical & Production engineering and furthered his studies in business management at Canfield University. He transferred to the US in 2004 and became a US citizen in 2011.

Chris has spent the last 2 years working for LTG Inc. pioneering their Decentralized Pulse ventilation solution in the US & Canada. Prior to that he spent 35 years with TROX where he eventually managed the North American subsidiary. Chris has also worked for two competitors during his time in the US, Dadanco and Price Industries, which has given him a better perspective of the US market.

He has worked on thousands of buildings in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States. Amongst his many successes, he secured the orders for the largest chilled beam installation (at that time) in Europe, NAP, which had approximately 18 km (11.2 miles) of passive beams and the largest active chilled beam job (to date) in the US, the Constitution Center, D.C. at 1.4m/SF with over 7000 beams.

He has 42 years of experience in the selection and application of HVAC products such as air distribution, attenuation, VAV, CAV, filtration, air control and isolation and nuclear HVAC and with over 28 years in the application of chilled ceilings, passive and active chilled beams and replacement induction units with the last 16 years being based in North America.

Chris is considered one of the pioneers in the application of chilled beams in the US and was involved with many of the early major chilled beam projects including the passive chilled beam installations for Fidelity with a combined total of over 3500 beams. Chris has also applied chilled beams at many of the major universities including MIT, Harvard, Penn State, O.H.S.U., L.M.U., Stanford, U.N.L.V., Brown, Princeton, U of A, A.S.U., UC Davis and laboratories at Tahoe, Genome, U.C.S.C., Stanford, Princeton, Porter Neuroscience Research Center and U.W. School of Medicine, which is considered the largest laboratory applications of chilled beams in North America. He has been successful in the application of this low energy technology into the healthcare, K-12 education, and government/commercial office sectors.

He has promoted his employers technologies in the following counties during his career, England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong (now China), Brazil, Mexico, North America and Canada.


Each program qualifies for 1.0 PDH

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